Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wool Modern Exhibition Launch

I buy the papers religiously every weekend.
Its my weekend luxury. 
I was delighted this morning when I found my next door neighbour John Murdoch who attended the Wool Modern Exhibition Launch in Sydney this week in the social pages.

Where were all the other wool growers?

His mother and I decided we would do well at a function such as this....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Night

I hope everyone has this or something similar waiting for them tonight
(although I would make him remove his hat inside)

Trek the Track


Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge

ClubsNSW is looking for two community driven young people to represent NSW in its annual Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge.

Two people between the age of 16 and 22 will be chosen in the annual Challenge this year determined by their community spirit and contributions toward local issues.

The Challenge provides young people with the skills and confidence to develop leadership skills so they can make a significant contribution to their local community.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign fought between July and November of 1942.
ClubsNSW is sending the worthy recipients on the adventure of a lifetime, with the 10 day trek scheduled for the 24th of September to the 5th of October.

Physically, the participants will deal with trekking through mud and rain, across mountain ranges up to 7,000 feet above sea level while carrying a 15kg backpack. Mentally and emotionally they will learn about themselves and work as a team with a group of young people selected by local clubs from across the country.

The trekkers will also learn about the Kokoda Track, its significance to Australian military history and detailed stories of the young Australian soldiers who fought on the Track.

At the completion of the ten day trek, the group will visit the Bomana War Cemetery. The cemetery contains 3,819 Commonwealth burials from WWII, 702 of them still unidentified.

Applications are open as of Sunday April 1 and close Monday May 14. Forms can be downloaded from

For more info go here

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trundle Abba Festival

Loving the idea of this festival
Who doesn't love a bit of ABBA

Just as Elvis entered Parkes, now ABBA is about to take Trundle by storm
in the inaugural ABBA Festival on Saturday 7th July 2012 at the Trundle
Memorial Hall.


There will be an international ABBA cover band called “ABBA’s BACK”. The day will have singing competitions, an auction, live music at the hall & at the pub, merchandise and ABBA Festival goers will be able to eat & drink at the club, pub & cafĂ©.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Country Street Style - Opulence in the Outback

How gorgeous is the committee for  the 'Opulence in the Outback' event and the setting was magnificent.  Head over to Opulence in the Outback and check it out.

Need Some Style Advice?

Loving Miss Piggy's fashion advice, its so wrong its right via

1. If it's expensive (and he's paying)…it fits!

2. Your wardrobe should always make a statement. Mine says: "Hey, look at moi! I'm wearing haute couture…and you're not!"

3. Never wear anything that makes it impossible to enter a room without turning sideways.

4. Remember that style comes in all sizes. So, the bigger you are, the more style you have, n'est ce pas!?

Pinned Image

5. Avoid body piercing: Moi much prefers to skewer others.

6. Watch what vous eat: My advice: Never eat anything you can't lift.

7. Don't be a fashion victim: If you enter a room and it's assumed that you lost the bet…go home and change.

8. Be happy with who you are. And if this doesn't work for you, then be happy with who I am!

9. The best things in life are free. But only if you're being comped.

10. If you're dating a frog, make sure your wardrobe is waterproof. If you're dating moi's frog, you're toast, sister!

Want to win 10k?

Ivy Inwood Industry Award 2012

Safe Food Production Queensland (SFPQ) is the proud sponsor of the Ivy Inwood Award. The Award was created to honour Ivy’s outstanding leadership and enthusiasm in the egg industry.

Ivy was dedicated and passionate about her business whilst being a source of inspiration to many. SFPQ believes it is important to promote, celebrate and recognise the achievements of those who have displayed outstanding leadership and commitment in meeting the challenges of their industry, most notably in the food production area.
Applications for the Ivy Inwood Industry Award are now open and will close on the 8th of June 2012.
Please click here External link for Award criteria and application form.
Full terms and conditions of the Award can be found here External link.

Proud Sponsors:

Monday, April 23, 2012

NCFH Photography Competition: 'In Focus Celebrating Farm Life'

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The commonly portrayed view of farming and agriculture through much of the media in recent years has been one of drama or gloom - either hazed by the dust of drought or submerged beneath swelling floodwaters.

However, there is much to celebrate and despite the adversity, most farmers will tell you they are still farming because they love it and the endless trail of meandering caravans through rural Australia is testimony to the attractions held by the broader population.

Pinned Image

Here is your opportunity to share your positive vision of all that agriculture and farming means to you.

Let your photographs tell a thousand words - images that portray our brown, green and gold paddocks; our 'clean and green' food bowl; the landscape on a foggy morning or bursting with afternoon sunshine; machinery hard at work or resting in anticipation; livestock holding our gaze; farmers working safely, or your vision for the future of agriculture.

Pinned Image

The photography competition 'In Focus - Celebrating Farm Life' is part of the National Centre for Farmer Health biennial conference 'Sowing the Seeds of Farmer Health' taking place from 17th - 19th September, 2012.

Help celebrate the farming families that support this industry!
Snapshot of the Competition
  • Photography Exhibition displayed at The Hamilton Art Gallery from 29th August – 14th October, 2012
  • Judged by renowned photographers David Fletcher, Jill Frawley and ASTW Travel Photographer of the Year Ewen Bell
  • Winners to be announced at the Conference Welcome Reception on Monday 17th September, 2012
  • Cash prizes for winning entries and Ewan Bell’s “Photography for Travellers” book to be won
  • Entries close Sunday 1st August, 2012.
  • Download the Photography competition information poster [PDF 1.1mb]

Information on photography competition 'In Focus Celebrating Farm Life'

NCFH Photography Competition: 'In Focus Celebrating Farm Life'
Hamilton Art Gallery, VIC
Exhibition: 29 August 14 October 2012

Entries Close: 1st August 2012

 The competition showcases the talents of primary, secondary and open section photographers, with winners announced at the Conference Welcome Reception on Monday 17th September 2012.

More information on photography competition and the NCFH biennial conference 'Sowing the Seeds of Farmer Health' at

National Centre for Farmer Health photography competition 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

With Whom Would You Dine?

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Have just been asked to name the people I would most like to have dinner with

Pinned Image

So I thought I would ask all my very intelligent and inspirational followers who would you  choose?

Pinned Image

Inspiring leaders, sportspeople, academics, movie stars, friends, your mum...

What would you serve and where would you go?

Pinned Image

I'll reveal mine later
(trying to narrow it down, I need a ball room to seat mine)

Its not all superficial I promise

(then again)

The answer I want to hear is
"Lets make that happen for you then shall we..."

Black Dog Rural News: Community Education

Navigating Teenage Depression
Seminar: Navigating Teenage Depression 

Onset of mood disorders is typically in mid-to-late adolescence and this seminar helps people identify early warning signs, with a focus on the importance of early intervention. Navigating Teenage Depression also looks at mental health problems within the context of normal teenage development and associated pressures. The presentation offers practical strategies for communicating with someone who you are concerned about, when and where to go for help, and strategies for building resilience.

Workshop: Building Personal Resilience

Building Personal ResilienceDelivered by facilitators from the Black Dog Institute, this workshop looks at what resilience is and how adversity can play a positive role in our lives. It also includes several workshop activities designed to help participants enhance their own personal resilience to life’s stressors.

HeadStrong Presentation

A powerful presentation for high school students about mental health and wellbeing, mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder), and resilience. Based on a series of engaging, humorous illustrations that convey complex concepts to students. Emphasises wellbeing strategies, help-seeking avenues, early intervention benefits, and works to dispel stigma. Topics include teen challenges, mood disorder facts and statistics, at-risk personality types, coping strategies, fears of seeking help, finding the right help – who/when/how, benefits of good therapy, family and school support, and what is and how to build resilience. Delivered by a staff member. Illustrations by Matthew Johnstone, Creative Director at the Black Dog Institute, author and presenter. This presentation is part of the HeadStrong curriculum resource.
  • Wednesday 30th May 2012, Cobar High School
  • Thursday 31st May 2012, Bourke High School

Black Dog Institute Information Stalls

The Black Dog Institute holds information stalls at various community events to allow people to find out more about the Black Dog Institute and get free fact sheets about depression and bipolar disorder.
  • 14th – 16th June 2012, Casino NSW: Primex Rural Field Days

Volunteer With Us

Our rural activities are enabled by the valuable support we receive from our volunteers who live across NSW. We provide training and support for volunteers who live in rural and remote areas.

2012 RIRDC Rural Women’s Award state winners announced

The 2012 RIRDC Rural Women’s Award state winners and runners up have now been officially announced and presented at events across Australia. 

The state and territory winners will go on to compete for the 2012 Australian RIRDC Rural Women's Award. The national winner will be announced at the Australian RIRDC Rural Women's Award 2012 Celebratory Dinner, to be held on the night of Tuesday 9 October 2012 at the Great Hall, Parliament House, Canberra.

The 2012 recipients are:

NSW 2012 Winner - Danica Leys from Sydney
Danica is an agronomist and now an agribusiness lawyer based in Sydney and co-founder of social media platform AgChatOz. Her Award ambition is to take AgChatOz to the next generation to better advocate for Australian agriculture.

NSW 2012 Runner Up - Corinne Annetts from Uralla
Corinne is a dairy goat producer and processor from the New England and Principal of Sunhill Skin Essentials, a range of goat milk based skin care products and moisturisers. Her Award ambition is to support rural women in business enterprise and support the expansion of the dairy goat industry in NSW.

Tasmanian 2012 Winner - Fiona Ewing from Snug
Fiona works as the Community Engagement Officer with salmon processor Tassals. With the major salmon companies looking to expand their operations to the west coast of Tasmania, Fiona wants to use the Award to establish a community trust that will support rural communities and deliver lasting economic and social change to the west coast of Tasmania.

Tasmanian 2012 Runner Up - Gina Butler from Tunnel
Gina is Principal of Yondover Goat Farmhouse Cheeses and a leader in the Tasmanian goat cheese industry. Her ambition is to help support the expansion of the goat dairy industry as a new viable enterprise for producers and an emerging new industry for Tasmania.

Western Australian 2012 Winner - Catherine Marriott from Kununurra
Catherine is a consultant to the live cattle industry, having extensive knowledge and practical involvement in the northern Australian beef industry. Her Award ambition is to bring together a group of women from the pastoral country to develop their knowledge and skills in communication and media so they can better advocate on behalf of the beef industry and on behalf of rural and regional Australia.

Western Australian 2012 Runner Up - Lucinda Giblett from Manjimup

Lucinda is a third generation horticulturalist, an organic grower and a passionate advocate for regional communities and sustainable food production. Her Award ambition is to create a not-for-profit organisation, Stellar Violets, to use the wisdom of her rural women foremothers and to celebrate sustainable food and to help dissolve the urban-rural divide. 

South Australian 2012 Winner - Mary Retallack from Crafers West
Mary is a third generation viticulturist and Principal of viticultural consulting group Retallack Viticulture with 17 years practical experience in the industry. Her Award ambition is to support women's leadership to ensure a more profitable and resilient wine industry through the development of a 'Women in Wine' website, as a comprehensive information and networking hub to support women in the wine industry.

Mary Retallack won the 2012 RIRDC rural Women's Award for South Australia.

South Australian 2012 Runner Up - Krysteen McElroy from Padthaway
Krysteen and her husband are progressive and climate change smart farmers, operating a mixed farming enterprise in the state's south east. Krysteen is the Executive Officer of the MacKillop Farm Management Group and a Climate Champion farmer. Her Award ambition is to support Australian farmers to be climate ready by researching new high value and water efficient crops to increase productivity and sustainability.

Northern Territory 2012 Winner - Barbara Koennecke  from Nhulunbuy                                                                        
Barbara is a pioneer of the aquarium industry in the Northern Territory and Principal of Arafura Aquatic Fish Pty Ltd, one of the first professional aquarium businesses in the Northern Territory. Barbara’s Award ambition is to support the giant clam industry and engage the indigenous community in the development of the aquaculture industry in the Territory.

Northern Territory 2012 Runner Up - Dr Samantha McMahon from Katherine                                                            
Samantha is an international leader in the field of veterinary practices in remote indigenous communities, having operated veterinary practices across the Territory for the past 17 years. Her Award ambition is to improve animal husbandry programs and services for remote indigenous communities throughout the Territory.

Queensland 2012 Winner - Annette Smith from Emerald
Annette is Chair of Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Cooperative Ltd and a Senior Property Valuer with Taylor Byrne. Her Award ambition is to develop and deliver a series of workshops for agricultural landholders and representatives of mining companies, to better inform and to build capacity to negotiate better outcomes for all parties and the broader community.

Queensland 2012 Runner Up - Michelle Deshong from Kirwan
Michelle is a facilitator and mediator with some 20 years experience, working in indigenous affairs and rural women's leadership development. Her Award ambition is to develop a model for cross cultural dialogue and community engagement between indigenous and rural women, to support and build engagement within rural and regional areas.

Victorian RWA 2012 Winner - Tania Chapman from Red Cliffs
Tania is a citrus grower from the Sunraysia and Chair of Citrus Australia. Her Award ambition is to nurture and develop the leadership of rural women and young people in the citrus industry in Australia.

Victorian 2012 Runner Up - Elise Wenden from Charlton
Elise is partner in a mixing farming operation in the Wimmera and runs her own business, Fruition Nutrition, where she provides consulting services and products related to soil and plant health. Her Award ambition is to further develop her knowledge of biological farming as a source of re-invigoration for farming enterprises and rural communities.

The RIRDC Rural Women’s Award is Australia’s pre-eminent award for rural women.
The Award was instigated by RIRDC in 2000 to support women with demonstrated leadership capabilities and a commitment to make an even greater contribution to their industries and communities.
The 2012 State and Territory Winners will receive a $10,000 bursary to achieve her Award ambition and will have the opportunity to participate in the Company Directors Course to be held in Canberra from 2 - 9 October 2012.
Media inquiries:
All Award winners and runners up are available for interviews. To arrange interviews with any of the winners or runners up please contact Edwina Clowes or Damon Whittock.
Edwina Clowes - RIRDC Rural Women’s Award National Coordinator – 0417 727 544.
Damon Whittock - RIRDC Public Affairs Manager – 02 6271 4175 or 0458 215 604

Inspiration @ Yeoval

Women in the Landscape

It's your last chance to secure a Place at the "Women in the Landscape"
event that takes place on Saturday 28th April in Yeoval.

They have 6 amazing speakers, wonderful food, stalls to do a spot of
shopping and to end, a comical debate from some of our entertaining local

Please RSVP before Monday 23rd April. RSVP is essential!
Members of Little River are FREE, non members are $15 payable at the door.
The full program is attached, or you can visit our website.

You can register by phoning - 0268 464569 - Email or go to their new website and register online.

Looks like a great day

Maeve Mag

Can't get out the newsagent this morning?
Try Maeve Online Mag below featuring Fleur McDonald.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

River's Up

And I am stuck.  
Just as well the boys are around....
(and how bored am I)

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QRRRWN Strong Women Leadership Awards 2012

Entering an Awards program leads to a delightful mix of personal development, acknowledgement of achievements, valuable networking and a lot of fun!
Please join us ... nominate a woman you admire AND nominate yourself!

Pinned Image
The aims of QRRRWN's Strong Women Leadership Awards program:
  • to encourage women to identify and celebrate the strengths they contribute to their community through their participation in agricultural, social, business, education, community-based, benevolent or other activities
  • to provide a structure where QRRRWN can mentor and develop all entrants in the program so they can grow personally and professionally to be stronger women in stronger communities
  • to provide a learning-ground and stepping-stone for women who wish to gain confidence and skills and progress further to apply for larger scale awards programs such as RIRDC Awards, Telstra Awards etc
Business: for women showing leadership in running or managing a commercial rural, regional or remote business. This includes agricultural businesses.
Community: for women showing leadership in running or managing a community service or group in rural, regional or remote Queensland. Includes not-for-profit.
Professional: for women showing leadership providing services in the employ of an organisation or government body in rural, regional or remote Queensland.

Pinned Image

Every applicant in the Leadership Awards Program must be:
  • a resident of Queensland
  • active in their profession/career/business/community work in the rural, regional and/or remote sector of Queensland at least 80 per cent of their work time
  • an individual financial member of QRRRWN when their final entry is lodged by 1 June: NOTE - membership is not required at time of nomination. (To join QRRRWN go to 'Join us' at
Nominations are NOW open. Access the ONLINE NOMINATION FORM here.
Award entries close - 01 June 2012
Judging commences - 1 July 2012
Judging closes - 31 July 2012
Short-list finalists - from 8 August 2012
Winners announced - 6 September 2012
Award winners will be announced at the 2012 QRRRWN Annual Conference Dinner, 6 September, at St George. Read more about the Conference at
Nominate strong women for this award online from 1 April - 1 June 2012: access the ONLINE NOMINATION FORM here.
We invite you to nominate others or nominate yourself for the QRRRWN Strong Women Leadership Awards program in ONE of the three categories above. Choose the most fitting category according to the description for each, above.
You may nominate more than one woman for the awards program. Submit a separate Nomination Form for each one.
Click here to access the ONLINE NOMINATION FORM.
The nomination and entry period will remain open through to 5pm, Friday I June 2012. This allows entrants to nominate and complete their application process at the last minute.
Please spread the word of the Strong Women Awards far and wide!
  • Click 'View Online' at the top of this newsletter, copy and paste the URL of the page and email it to your friends OR use the link below
  • add a blurb plus this URL to your organisation's newsletter
  • tweet this link
  • Facebook this link and add a comment:
We thank you for your support!

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Nominations are NOW OPEN: go to the ONLINE NOMINATION FORM.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All the Pretty Horses (are at Grenfell this weekend)

Why all the prettiness?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

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Models on the catwalk at the Hermes Spring/Summer 2009 collection fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France.

It's Grenfell Picnic Race Day of course....

The Grenfell Picnic Races ( are running this Saturday offering a fun-filled program featuring five races, live entertainment, a full bar, canteen and coffee with plenty of activities to keep the children busy!

Not to mention a magnificent Fashions on the Field prize pool in excess of $2000 cash plus prizes.

Pinned Image

I love Grenfell

and I would love to be going

Unfortunately I cannot


The Grenfell Picnics very generously have on offer two complimentary race entry tickets.


If you are willing to take a picture of yourself dressed for the races or a photograph of some other stylistas on the day to post on Bushbelles blog let me know and its yours!!

First past the post wins.....

And yes this could be you....