Saturday, April 21, 2012

Black Dog Rural News: Community Education

Navigating Teenage Depression
Seminar: Navigating Teenage Depression 

Onset of mood disorders is typically in mid-to-late adolescence and this seminar helps people identify early warning signs, with a focus on the importance of early intervention. Navigating Teenage Depression also looks at mental health problems within the context of normal teenage development and associated pressures. The presentation offers practical strategies for communicating with someone who you are concerned about, when and where to go for help, and strategies for building resilience.

Workshop: Building Personal Resilience

Building Personal ResilienceDelivered by facilitators from the Black Dog Institute, this workshop looks at what resilience is and how adversity can play a positive role in our lives. It also includes several workshop activities designed to help participants enhance their own personal resilience to life’s stressors.

HeadStrong Presentation

A powerful presentation for high school students about mental health and wellbeing, mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder), and resilience. Based on a series of engaging, humorous illustrations that convey complex concepts to students. Emphasises wellbeing strategies, help-seeking avenues, early intervention benefits, and works to dispel stigma. Topics include teen challenges, mood disorder facts and statistics, at-risk personality types, coping strategies, fears of seeking help, finding the right help – who/when/how, benefits of good therapy, family and school support, and what is and how to build resilience. Delivered by a staff member. Illustrations by Matthew Johnstone, Creative Director at the Black Dog Institute, author and presenter. This presentation is part of the HeadStrong curriculum resource.
  • Wednesday 30th May 2012, Cobar High School
  • Thursday 31st May 2012, Bourke High School

Black Dog Institute Information Stalls

The Black Dog Institute holds information stalls at various community events to allow people to find out more about the Black Dog Institute and get free fact sheets about depression and bipolar disorder.
  • 14th – 16th June 2012, Casino NSW: Primex Rural Field Days

Volunteer With Us

Our rural activities are enabled by the valuable support we receive from our volunteers who live across NSW. We provide training and support for volunteers who live in rural and remote areas.

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