Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scenes from a Country Débutante Ball

Privileged to have spent the last 6 weeks getting to know the youth of our district training for their Débutante Ball which went off without a hitch on Saturday night.

Such an emotional buzz.

I love the whole process from the awkward first practise to the moment before they are each presented to our community and they give me one last nervous happy snap.

As the only Ball which is still held annually in our town it is a huge effort for all involved.  That effort is rewarded every time one of the teenagers say hello to us in the street, remember our names and are happy to have a chat.  For them to let us into their lives and get to know them a bit is more than we can ask.  For me it's a way of giving back to my community and sharing a moment in time with our future.  It's also our community's way of showing our youth we support them.  They are all fantastic people and it was an absolute pleasure to have been involved.

(One of my fav pic - my cousin and my daughter)


  1. All my four children have been involved in debutante balls, one way or another, my daughter as a deb and my three sons as partners. Your post above shows just how special it can be. Love your photos and specially your sweet daughter.

  2. How beautiful. I'm pleased that this tradition is still up held. I loved my débutante ball and what a lovely way to bring the community together. I never thought about the benefits of the ball in terms of the cross generational mixing but what a great bonus and they look gorgeous.

  3. I was a debutante many years back. I thought this tradition had died. Thank you for sharing the photos and bringing back many memories.