Monday, May 7, 2012

A Bit of Farmer In Every Twist

Proprietress Penny Campbell needed a hobby
Something to inspire her
After much pondering Penny and her sister Rachel created the wonderful and quirky little shop
 Lou Lou's....

What makes Lou Lou’s so unique is that ALL of the fittings, clothes racks and counters have been made by them! Penny's childhood home is over 140 years old so most of the old doors and mantle piece fittings have come from her Dad’s back shed.  Penny's husband milled all of the recycled timber with his own mobile slab cutter and designed the shelves.  Imagine old doors, window frames, tea chests, suitcases, slabbed timber and 44 gallon drums. This is what Lou Lou’s is made of

The story behind Lou Lou's is particularly poignant as well.  
 "Lou Lou’s is named after my Mum who left this world way to soon. Her nick name was Lou Lou and she just ADORED little shops like this! She would spend hours browsing which used to irritate my father who sat outside checking his watch and tapping his foot! I just know that she would love this shop just as much as I do."

Her catchphrase is particularly relevant to Bushbelles as well

"There's a bit of farmer in every twist"
(and I love that)

Penny admits that "Getting the keys to 105 Maybe Street was the most nerve wracking thing I had ever done in my life!'
Not that you would know it.  Penny has created a little hub in Bombala's main street and it is   
lovely just to pop in and catch up on the news and have a laugh - as I did on Saturday afternoon while I warmed myself by the fire with a red wine, (how's that for hospitality).

It's a beautiful shop that Penny and her husband have put their heart and soul into, and a great example of what you can create if you follow your heart.  The moment you walk in you just know that the shop is something special and every piece is handpicked or has a story behind it.

If you are heading through Bombala stop at 105 Maybe Street – right near the round about, just look for the red tin shop front! Open 6 days a week: Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturdays 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Or check out Lou Lou's website

(Thank you Penny for letting me harass you with my camera and inane comments.  I love stepping through to doors as there is always a laugh to be had or something to buy and cherish).


  1. Looks gorgeous. I will have to check it out next time I go through that way

  2. What a great looking shop! I really look forward to being down that way to drop in. Good luck to you all and I just love the story behind it and the tagline "There's a bit of farmer in every twist" Nice! Cheers Jane