Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here's to Bush Bloggers!

Another article today about the rise of mummy bloggers in the SMH which is great.
I always enjoy reading them and enjoy they diversity of their blogs (and some are brilliant).

I am wondering though when will the marketers come a'knockin for all the Bush Babes.

Do our opinions not count?

Surely women that can drive tractors, change tyres, muster, work the canteen and have a roast on the table by sundown after they knock off from their own desk job deserve some recognition - because I salute you all.
Whether you live in a town or on a property life in rural Australia land is magnificent.

Looking forward to a time when the voices of rural Australia are valued just as much as everyone else!


  1. Agreed! As long as people keep visiting and enjoying, I am happy. Personally, I quite like the semi-anonymity of my blogging. I'm a coward like that!

  2. bush bloggers need to blog with one voice if we are stand out otherwise we just get swallowed up as Mummy or craft bloggers. Perhaps we need a bush blog pin to identify us!