Wednesday, May 30, 2012

QRRRWN President on ABC TV

Next Monday night 4th June, ABC 1's dynamic panel show, QandA, will be broadcast from Toowoomba's Empire Theatre.

QRRRWN president Georgie Somerset will be on the panel for this show: other panellists are Simon Crean, Barnaby Joyce, Christine Milne and Jeremy Marou (one of the duo Busby Marou).

You can be part of the audience in Toowoomba - go to - or you can always email or tweet questions in before or during the show.

QandA airs at 9.35pm Monday nights on ABC 1.

I'll be watching....

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  1. Thanks for letting us know Julia, I'll certainly be watching. Georgie (who I don't know) has emailed me a couple of times this year just to see how Sarah is going at boarding school. Amazing how blogging has widened my 'community'.