Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stop The National Centre for Farmer Health from closing

State Government of Victoria: Stop The National Centre for Farmer Health from closing
The National Centre for Farmer Health, located in Hamilton VIC, has had its $1 million annual grant cut in the recent Victorian State Budget meaning it is likely to close.

The Centre provides national leadership to improve the health, safety and well-being of farm men and women, farm workers, their families and communities across Australia. The NCFH was instrumental in delivering the Sustainable Farming Families programs during the recent droughts which supported farm communities to remain in farming. It also worked on projects to improve the health of farmers - which is generally poorer than the broader community - in areas such as hearing loss.

2012 is the Australian Year of the Farmer, celebrating the vital role farmers play in feeding, clothing and providing building materials to house us all.

If farmers really are our future, then we must take care of them and the NCFH plays a vital role in this.

For more info and to sign petition go here

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