Saturday, June 2, 2012

Inspirational Saturday

Being stuck inside on a cold day with 4 sick children means I am looking for inspiration and escapism.  This is what I have found....

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Check out the best wisdom from commencement speeches by famous women.  Some of my favs are, 

"I urge you: Please don't settle for happiness. It's not good enough. Of course, you deserve it, but if that's all you have in mind, happiness, I want to suggest to you that personal success devoid of meaningfulness — free of a steady commitment to social justice — that's more than a barren life; it's a trivial one."
— Toni Morrison at Rutgers University (2011)

"Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all — in which case, you failed by default."
— J.K. Rowling at Harvard (2008)

"Don't take no for an answer — that includes the voice in your own head."
— Katie Couric at Boston University (2011)

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Liking The Savvy Farmers Wife new facebook page and reading the delicious about me description,

Being a farmer's wife is the new black. We're smart, savvy and we like nice things. Here's a place for 'savvy farmer's wives' to connect, share their farm and family life, and stay up to date on the latest & greatest finds from across the world wide web.

Want me to go on...

We're proud to be connecting women in the bush with businesses from all over Australia and the world, doing our bit to add lovely things to homes and families across the countryside.
We do it tastefully, we do it in isolation and we do it on a budget - but most importantly, we do it with love.
We're smart, savvy and we like nice things - what's the harm in that? Here's a place for 'savvy farmer's wives' to connect, share their farm and family life, and stay up to date on the latest and greatest finds from across the Internet and other mediums.

You had me at Farmers Wife.
Yes I like very much and you should too.

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Browsing the newly styled outfits at Birdsnest.
I confess I spend rather a large amount of time window shopping here and choosing outfits for each day of the week instead of doing my "office work" or "school stuff" for regular readers.  It makes me feel better to think I can face the challenges and look good - even if its only in my head.
Today I choose this

Because I hate feeling sloppy at home with sick kids


For work this week

This because my mother would say there is entirely too much black in the above outfits and how divine is this jacket!

And yesterday I would have worn this if I had know I was going to end up interrupting a fashion parade by arriving late and entering the room via the catwalk and being introduced as the last model of the day???? (There is a first time for everything after all!) Yes the real models were confused and so was the audience = awkward but funny.

I also ate this for dessert whilst seated at the model table (by default).  It was like a chocolate bomb and I have to admit I could not finish it.  Inside the mousse was another lump of chocolate which by that stage was too much for me.  I did happily note that all the gorgeous models ate one as well and put one in their handbags for later (country girls raised on red meat).

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Belting out Born To Try by Delta Goodrem with sick children and none of us being able to hit the high notes (or any notes really) and loving that Keith Urban, Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem seem like good role models for them to watch.

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I have to admit I love reading about Eleanor Roosevelt

and find some of her quotes great ones to live by

and this is just funny.

Watching reruns of Q&A from last week which was a very funny program. Watch here if you missed it.

Looking forward to snuggles with 4 cranky bears this afternoon watching DVD's.  My picks are Narnia and Up.

Dreaming of a holiday in Paris whilst watching the all the goings on at Roland Garros.

Oh Roger.....

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Oh Paris....

What is inspiring you today?

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  1. You are always an inspiration Julia.
    Great post ...
    a little Birdsnest,
    a little Eleanor
    ... and a little Roger.
    Hope you're all feeling better very soon.