Friday, June 29, 2012

Survey for 15-19 Yr Olds

Every year since 2002 Mission Australia has conducted an annual nation-wide survey of young Australians. The largest of its type, over the years it has asked thousands of young people to share their concerns, values and thoughts about the future.

The survey results are always keenly anticipated by media, government, educators and the wider community, assisting them to more effectively communicate with and support young people.

Having conducted the 10th National Survey of Young Australians in 2011, Mission Australia decided it was time for a review. As a result they have made some changes this year, including:
  • A new name – it’s now simply known as Mission Australia’s 2012 Youth Survey
  • Eligibility criteria – the survey is now only open to 15 to 19-year-old (inclusive)
  • More in-depth questions – for greater insight into youth concerns and attitudes
  • An online focus – surveys will principally be web-based to encourage participation.
The 2012 survey focuses on social inclusion and exclusion. It asks young people about their participation in education, employment and the community, their values and concerns, and who they turn to for advice and support.

The revamped survey will help gain a deeper understanding of the issues today’s youth face and strengthen our capacity to support the needs of young people.

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