Saturday, June 9, 2012

UNE Survey on the impact of CSG operations on farming families in NSW and Qld

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The survey is one of the more comprehensive rural surveys and is looking at the issues associated with a range of general farming stressors confronting Australian Farmers today. While the survey addresses the issues presented by the CSG industry and the responses to this industry by farmers, people not confronting the demands of this industry are encouraged to participate as a quite a number of the question relate to ALL farmers. The range of measures in this survey address; risk perceptions, expected outcomes (for communities, rural families and the environment), behaviours in response to CSG activities, coping styles, general issues of concern to farmers, resilience, issues of trust, sense of place, and mental health outcomes (depression, anxiety and stress).

The research team at UNE is very conscious of the length of the survey ( approx. 45 minutes) but we are hoping that you  see the value of providing us with objective empirical evidence of the impact (or not) of this industry on rural operations.  The stress associated with drought and flood has been extensively documented however extraction industries are a relatively new phenomena confronting Australian farmers. We understand that some of the  issues associated with CSG invoke a strong emotional response. It is the aim of this survey to objectively and empirically measure the farmers attitudes, behaviours and stressors associated with the expanding extraction industry.

It is hoped that regardless of your position (i.e. pro, anti, or neutral) that you will consider the completion of the survey as a worthy investment into improving our understanding of the attitudes, concerns and issues confronting Australian farmers in this mining boom era.
This survey has the support of AgForce and the NSW Farmers Association and is  intended to be apolitical. It is not a 'popularity poll' about CSG, rather it is aimed at gaining an insight into the perceptions/expectations of rural people regarding CSG and concurrently exploring general farming stress and mental health outcomes.

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