Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home Power Savings Program

Through the Home Power Savings Program, 220,000 eligible households will save up to 20% a year on their power use.

Every eligible household that joins the program will get a FREE:
  • Home power assessment by an energy expert to identify ways to save power in the home
  • Power Savings Kit to help kick start savings which includes:
    • stand-by saver power board
    • 4 energy efficient light bulbs
    • low flow showerhead
    • shower timer
    • tap aerator
    • draught-proof strips for around the door
    • door snakes.
  • Personal Power Savings Action Plan.
Find out what happens during a home power assessment.

By joining the program you will save up to 20% a year on your household's power use.
The installed Power Savings Kit will save you around 10% a year. Putting your personal Power Savings Action Plan to work can save another 10% a year.
By saving power you are reducing carbon pollution and helping the environment. The average home makes about 160,000 black balloons of carbon pollution a year. Carbon pollution impacts on our environment and leads to climate change.

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