Sunday, August 19, 2012

Latest Edition of The Country Web

The Country Web Number 57 Spring 2012

The latest edition of The Country Web has the theme Women crossing boundaries.
This edition showcases many women from throughout New South Wales who are shining their light in various industries and jobs that up until recently have been seen as traditionally male areas.

Each of the women tell their own personal story about how they got into the industry, why they love doing what they do and some of the challenges and opportunities they have had as a result of their chosen career path. They share their wisdom and provide some strategies and tips for women and girls who may be considering a career in related fields.

Also included in this edition is a special 4-page pullout on the NSW Rural Women's Gathering to be held at Parkes from 12-14 October. You'll also find details for a special commemorative tea towel which showcases the past 20 years of the NSW Rural Women's Gathering movement.

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