Monday, September 24, 2012

Fifty Shades of Midlife

The ‘Fifty Shades of Midlife’ is an online webcast soon to be streamed online.  It is presented by Jean Hailes, a women’s health organisation of national reach with a focus upon prevention:
The ‘Fifty Shades of Midlife’ webcast event will feature a number of women’s health experts, and is to be hosted by Dr Sally Cockburn (aka ‘Dr Feelgood’) with topics including menopause, mood, sexual health, nutrition .  This is the second webcast that has been coordinated by leading women’s health organisation Jean Hailes (JH), with the first a resounding success with over 2000 women across Australia ‘logging in’ to view on the webcast night. 
This event will be screened live online on Wednesday 31st October from 7.30pm to 9:00pm.  This online event will facilitate access to leading women’s health experts in a highly engaging format, particularly suited to those unable to regularly or easily access specialist women’s health services.  The event will also be available online as an enduring resource following the October 31st screening, accessible from the Jean Hailes website for those unable to tune in on the night!
As our key focus is reaching the community,  JH is encouraging community groups to register to provide a screening session for local women to attend ( Jean Hailes will support events by providing regular event updates, promotional materials and resource packs for participants.
Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is a leading women’s health organisation is based in Clayton, Victoria, with clinical care, research and education.  Its program of work is national in focus, providing preventive health strategies for women across the country.  It seeks to drive evidence-based responses to preventive health by adapting research and clinical care knowledge into information and education to meet the needs of diverse health consumers.  This includes developing innovative ways of sharing and communicating evidence-based health information.

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