Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gorgeous Girls @ Bombala Races

Race day in Bombala is the one day that all the locals can roll out in their best frocks and enjoy themselves.  Its also a day that I work on our local school's coffee & tea stall.
I thought I could handle all my jobs for the day whilst celebrating a milestone birthday (which lets face it for someone who likes to fly under the radar I seem to have been celebrating since September) and also being smart enough to join in on the Birdsnest Instagram Challenge and tweet the fashions through the day - I failed.

Clearly being given this

Veuve Clicquot; can't go wrong.

made my job even harder.  So while my tweeting did not really make much sense I can still post my pics here some of the lovely ladies that I got around to and made such great models.

Miss Louise rocking her dress from Birdsnest

Dress from Ginger and Smart

 Dress from Sacha Drake

Photo by bushbelles

Girls from Cooma who were perfect in prints 
and brights

Photo by bushbelles

Photo by bushbelles
Loving the spunk of this couple

Photo by bushbelles
 and this bride to be just made me laugh

Because of my constant confused tweeting I was rewarded with this

which I think is pretty cool

and what did I actually get for my birthday? (besides a trip to Paris with my oldest besties)

Photo by bushbelles

Thanks Koolaman Designs love it

and now we can all move on from my birthday

merci beaucoup


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