Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Australian Documentary Series seeking farmer or farming family

Does this sound like you?

An innovative and groundbreaking UK documentary series, The Audience is being produced by the Australian arm of the UK television company Granada Media.
To be broadcast nationally on Australia’s Network Ten, The Audience is a television program where we will meet someone, who is standing at a major crossroads in their life, or has a life changing decision to make. A carefully selected group of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and professions, will then come together to help that person find a real solution, or the best ways to make that hard decision, or find a way to move forward.

  Conceptualised by the same producers of One Born Every Minute and 24 hrs in A&E, The Audience is inspired by the Greek philosopher Aristotle’s theory, that if you ask a group of people from a town, or community to look at a problem, more often than not, they will come up with a more practical solution than the expert.

We would like to devote one entire episode to a NSW based farmer, or property owner of any kind, or family member, who may be at a crossroads, in terms of whether to stay on the land, or  sell, or move off to pursue new ventures.

Filming would take place over a 5 day period and a fee will be paid.
If you are interested, or know of someone, who may be interested, please contact producer Angela Brown at anytime by either emailing: or calling directly on either (02) 9383 4372 or 0409 540 131.
All contact will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

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