Sunday, December 23, 2012

ISLE Three Online Mag

Fun new online mag

Isle Three is a revolutionary online magazine. Born in a beach side living room, three young entrepreneurs Miram Eryan, Nikola and Elita Araouzou  decided to take on the magazine world by storm. Isle Three is more than your typical magazine. It offers escapism to women the world over. It speaks a universal language and shares a love for aesthetics catering to women whose interests span from fashion and beauty, health & well being to romance and travel.
Isle Three Magazine is offering what no one in the market is. Complete free online access to a real magazine which includes editorial shoots, up-to date fashion news, insightful articles, travel inspiration, relevant romance advice as well as beauty and health tips. The Isle Three woman is chic, shameless, she is expressive, she is fashion forward, she is a lover, she is a lady and she wants women globally to be a part of it.  via

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