Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve At Our House

My absolute favourite day of the year is Christmas Eve, no doubt, hands down.

I love the anticipation, the impatience, the frantic activity to have all the jobs done, the tension in the air from all the recent storms, Church with the entire family later tonight, most of whom are travelling home today and then the peace of sleeping children when they finally close their eyes, exhausted from the all the build up.

Today will be spent in a flurry of cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, washing everything in sight, making reindeer dust, cooking, ducking into town for last minute supplies, a quick swim if the weather holds out, singing and dancing to all the Christmas carols I can get my hands on and watching the carols on the TV while the kids unsuccessfully try to fall asleep.  Of course I never really succeed in my plans to do everything but having started a few days earlier this year I am going to give it a red hot go.

But really the most important thing to me today is spending it with my babes.  All 4 of them (the 5th will be working all day).  I savour every moment and try to make the day wonderful.  In real life it will be spent with tantrums because everyone is dog tired from so many days before Christmas attending parties and late nights (oh the hassle), shooing a 4 yr old away from presents, dealing with too much sugar being consumed and food we would not normally eat and it's effects and I can see today will be windy and wet making my plans for getting the lawn done an issue.

But all in all it does not matter as today I let go of apprehension, step back and enjoy and give thanks for all I have around me, especially this year as it's been a year of finding our strength as a family.  And later tonight (usually around midnight) my true love and I will share a Christmas Eve drink before we retire, exhausted.  

(so not my life but its pretty)

May your day be merry and bright!!

I'm off to start those jobs....


  1. Merry Christmas Bushbelles! May all your wishes come true...

  2. I can't believe you love all the hustle and bustle and stressy bits of Christmas. haha! I love it when everything's all organised and ready and I'm in bed early. Can't stand the late minute rush. So lovely to know someone who enjoys the stresses;)

    Merry Christmas to you, Julia. May it be a not-too-tiring day;) and filled with much joy and love xxx

  3. Sounds as though we have many of the same plans for this day Julia. Our kids were in our bedroom early this morning (after yet another late social evening) wishing everybody a Merry Christmas Eve! Enjoy.