Friday, December 28, 2012


At this time of the year do you look back,
 to the future
 or up?

Has the last 12 months been your best?
Did it bring what you yearned for?
Have you achieved your dreams?

For me its been a year of magnificent highs and devasting lows.
Of learning how to get back up again each day and keep going.
Finding composure through chaos.
Learning how to find your voice when you are at the end of your rope and then swing off it.
(Still not sure if it was the right choice but sometimes something has to give and sometimes you need to be heard).
Of sitting back and waiting for the rollercoaster to stop and then pick up the pieces again.
Of being truly uplifted by people's generosity of spirit, wisdom and love.  
(They are the people you hang on to).
And welcoming others in who push you to be better, do better.
Of grieving for a loss in your life that you could never have imagined but still having to battle it every day.
Of making sure you find something to laugh about
(it's what gets me through - and champagne, the good stuff).
Of finding yourself in a parallel universe while life around you goes on.... and it does just that.
Life goes on.
As it should.

At some point we are all tested.
All I can do is hold on tight and smile.

So that's my 30 second pity party.
Sure the year has been tough but it happens and sometimes you really do have to suck it up and just keep going.
I am not the only one who had a year that went haywire and it's been nothing compared to others.
It's also taught me alot about myself and you know what -
I am actually OK.
In fact I quite like myself.
And I am happy with that.

And I am not one to stay down for too long or be too serious so as the last line from My Best Friend's Wedding goes
"by God there will be dancing"
(or something like that).

And that's what I aim to do next year.
Only stronger, surer and wiser.

Do you have a 30 second pity party to share?
You might like yourself even more after it.


  1. My year has been a rollercoaster too. I started uni this year (29 years after leaving school and not being able to go back then due to family stuff). Between juggling kids, work, study, aging parents and other family there have been many ups and downs. I am still struggling to know whether study is the right thing to do.
    All the best for the New Year and hopefully the rollercoaster will be more of a little kids ride rather than a super rollercoaster :)

  2. Deb here's to a brighter 2013 and time for you to do the things you cherish. Happy New Year