Monday, January 7, 2013

Fires Near Me NSW App

The NSW RFS uses social media to engage with the community and to provide information on incidents and activities attended by our volunteers.
The Service has a number of social media channels:
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The "Fires near me NSW" app offers information on fires. A great tool for landholders.

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  1. Thank you for posting this link to the Fires Near Me app. I know many residents across NSW have found it extremely useful in the last 2 weeks of particularly bad bush fire conditions.

    Allow me to introduce another great program of the RFS - AIDER (Assistance for Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents).

    The RFS can assist residents living in high bush fire risk areas with managing hazards on their property. This one-off free service can only be applied in those high bush fire risk areas, so it is not available for everybody.

    To refer someone to the AIDER Program, just phone 8741 4955, email or use the website form at
    There is also a Fact Sheet at this web page.

    Tony Jarrett
    AIDER Program Coordinator