Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Australian Mums Wish Their Daughters Knew

Share your top health tip 

mothers and daughters We all have one or two top health insights or tips passed down to us from our mother, grandmother or favourite aunt. Or we have an important tip to pass on to our daughter, niece or granddaughter. 
We are collecting these fabulous insights and well-tried tips from every day women right across Australia and combining them with snippets from your favourite celebrities, as well as leading health experts in time for Mother's Day.
Let your knowledge, advice and insightful wisdom help to make a positive difference to the women of tomorrow.

Share your top health tip and win!
book prize
We are giving away two health book packs for the best tips. Each health book pack consists of these popular titles:
  • Women’s Stuff by Kaz Cooke, and 
  • Complete Food and Nutrition Companion by Catherine Saxelby. 
Each book pack is valued at RRP $104.95. Terms and Conditions apply
Here's what you do
1. Share your 'pearl of wisdom'.
2. Make it short please - around 30 words like the example above.
3. Add it to our treasure trove of health tips on the form below. 
4. Return here, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter, to see some of the top health tips collected along the way.
5. Just before Mother's Day return to see the all the 'pearls of wisdom' here.
Content updated 5 February 2013  
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