Thursday, April 11, 2013

Farewell Zanda

Sadness reigns in my home today as my husband and many others make the long trek back to the 'Curry' to farewell Zanda McDonald.

For those who have lived and worked with Zanda it is an incredibly emotional day.

I met my husband on Devoncourt when I worked there as a terrible cook (I could never be as good as Robyn)  and he was headstockman.  He spent many years growing up with Zan as did many others.  Zan was always a positive influence on him and a great friend.

Once you have worked on Devoncourt and indeed for the McDonald's you are taken into this magnificent family.  A family that so many still feel so close to.

As someone told me "there will never be another like him in our lifetime" and indeed a light has gone out in the world.

So many beautiful memories.

Prayers and thoughts are with his family today.

Farewell Zanda.

You will remain in our hearts forever.


  1. Very sad. Also a reminder of how dangerous an industry we are in. Too easy to forget.