Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Son Shines in the Dark - Kathy Lette

Educate yourself on World Autism Awareness Day
If you haven't experienced Autism first hand you have probably judged someone because of it.
I did.
"How I envied the normal worries of other mothers, who fretted over sugar content in cereal, how to make broccoli interesting and why their offspring wouldn't eat anything that hadn't danced in an ad on television. The parent of a special needs child has to be their legal advocate, fighting his or her educational corner; full-time scientist -- challenging doctors and questioning medications; executive officer -- making difficult decisions on their behalf; and also, full-time bodyguard against bullies.
High school didn't improve things. My son called his school "Guantanamo Bay". It would take me an hour to haul him out of bed, and only then with a mixture of cajoling, begging, pleading and blackmailing. By screaming till the paint peeled off the walls, I could usually half stuff him into his uniform, but not before he'd trashed his room in the process.
My "brilliant" mothering skills became strikingly apparent when I would then run back to my room and sob into my pillow. Eventually I would summon up the strength to drag him, as he cursed and cussed, to his school gates, before dashing to work, all distraught and dishevelled and panda-eyed from mascara leakage."
"The problem with going back to work is the fact that Mr T missed 60 days of school last year due to illness. Kids with Aspergers have a low immunity and low pain threshold and hence, the missed days of school. What employer is going to put up with me taking time off work all the time? That is without having go to the school for meltdowns etc. Not to mention the days his younger brother was off from school sick as well. Not to mention Mr T wouldn't cope with before and after school care and holiday care.
 I dread going to appointments and hearing about what is wrong with your child as you feel like it is your fault your child is the way they are, even know you know that it isn't.
You get to a stage where you don't want to hear anything else because it really upsets you and as I said, you feel like it's your fault, so you avoid these appointments or put them off so you don't have to deal with feeling like the worst parent in the world and like you have failed your child."

Be aware

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