Monday, April 1, 2013

What Is The Role Of A Parent In Education?

Have you ever asked yourself that?

If you have not already read this piece from Duncan Taylor President of NSW ICPA  it probably means you are not a member of the ICPA.

"I wish parents were knocking down my door, and down their principal's door,
demanding more.... 
How do we get parents to demand more of us, of themselves, of their schools, of their children....
we have a lot of work to do" - Arne Duncan US Secretary of Education

If you are rural or remote you need to join the Isolated Children's Parents Association of Australia here.

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  1. Bushbelles, recently discovering your blog I have just read this..this is a well written piece by the NSW President of ICPA. I am an active member of ICPA and believe in its is imperative that our children achieve similar outcomes to their city counterparts. I have a blog also, On the Peninsula and I have to teach my children...not something that comes easy to me but the rewards are immeasurable! I am not convinced about NAPLAN but it seems to be the way government achieves some accountability from the schools. I love the new Australian Curriculum and the delivery of it through my school...ICPA has played a huge part in ensuring that it meets the needs of our children..