Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Country Autism Network

Country Autism Network

This network is helping country families find their way through the maze of ASD therapies and to promote autism awareness more broadly.

It is a place where country families can exchange information, get to know what's happening training-wise and for everyone else - to support all the beautiful ASD children in rural & regional Australia and learn more about what it means to be an ASD family.

It makes my heart sing to know that there are fantastic rural groups out there like CAN who are making a difference.

I personally know what a traumatic, difficult maze it is so I urge you all to head on over to Country Autism Network facebook page and LIKE it.

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  1. It's great that services are available now - there are still so many isolated families who are not aware of the support.... or indeed that they may need the support, oblivious to what ASD is let alone what the range and depth is.