Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meet Nel Hunter

Pop on over and visit Nel at her blog Nel Hunter

The motto she lives by is  "The ultimate aim of any success is to be happy at home." 

Nel didn't plan on being a farmer... "It just so happened she fell in love with this kind man who happened to work on his family farm."

Nel has been busy raising their 4 daughters, looking after their home and juggling off farm income but this year the farm is her 'creative project' focus, as she endeavours to learn more about how the farm is managed outside of the office.

Nel is intrigued with how little time we spend in the present moment and has lots of hobbies that inspire her to enjoy the incredible detail in each day. (Macro photography, writing, yoga teacher training study and meditation practice)

I love Nel's photos and the way she lives in the present moment.

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