Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rhubarb Boutique With Benefits

Have you visited the Rhubarb Boutique with Benefits website yet?

Rhubarb is Caitlyn Hewitt's pride and joy.


Caitlyn is a gorgeous girl from Theodore, QLD with great sense of style.


Rhubarb provides country ladies everywhere a sweet taste of retail sensation.  "Rhubarb on the Run" also provides clients with a Rhubarb experience in their own homes or sports clubs to playgroups to schools to professional groups. You can add a chic twist to your fundraiser with Rhubarb Boutique attending.

If you follow Rhubarb on facebook there are loads competitions or giveaways as well.


Caitlyn has also just branched out doing facebook communications for any other business that would like to get their facebook page booming.   She also creates any promotional photographs and flyers as well.


Theodore is a town that suffered a massive blow due to the floods in 2011/2012 which resulted in loss of farming income in a farming supported town.

Follow Rhubarb and help Caitlyn build her online store

email Caitlyn here

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