Monday, September 2, 2013

Rural Proofing Australia – We all count!

In the lead up to the Federal Election, the NRWC is advocating for RURAL PROOFING.
What is Rural Proofing?

It is a process of checking the effect that all policies and programs could have on rural communities.  
It ensures that implementation strategies are practicable in rural areas and that the particular needs of people in rural areas are not overlooked and that policies/programs will not have an unintended negative impact on rural people. It is essentially a ‘rural impact’ statement.

The National Rural Women’s Coalition, in the lead up to the Federal Election is calling for greater consultation with rural, remote and regional communities and consideration of the needs and interests of rural people.
The 2013 National Rural Women’s Summit in February called for the ‘rural proofing’ of all future government policies and programs, a practice already successfully employed in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
The National Rural Women’s Coalition is calling on policy makers across government to ensure that rural people are consulted and that the needs and interests of rural people, communities, primary industries and businesses are properly considered in the development and implementation of all policies.

Read what NRWC want here

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