Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Club

I am often asked to start a book club....
(I actually spend my day surrounded by books so its relevant)

Always Good To Remind Ourselves

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trust Me

Who Are the Smashing Rural Women in Your Life?

My last post got me thinking about the smashing rural women in my life.
There are a few I hold so close in my heart that I don't know what I would do without them.
Each one is different but brings so much joy and wisdom into my life.
Each one is magnificent (a favourite adjective because to me it describes them so well).

  (Splendid in appearance,
Grand or noble in thought or deed; exalted
Outstanding of its kind; superlative) via

Lets face it when times are tough there are very few who stick around so you hold onto those who stand by you and in return you hope you can do the same for them.

These people are not always the people you expected to find either.

And when times are good these are the people you do not forget.

Lately these women in my life probably don't even know who they are (they will though, an impromptu party will happen, as they are the best).

They say out of difficulties lie opportunities so look for those.  Eventually they will appear.  Probably not in the form you expected either.

And for that I am thankful.

So stand beside the people you love through their trying times of imperfection, and offer yourself the same courtesy; if you aren’t willing to, you don’t deserve to be around for the perfect moments either. - via:

So to the resilient rural women in my life and yours

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Smashing Rural Women

I always look for the strength and resilience in women around me and watch and learn from them.
I think of myself as a sponge and soak up all the goodness I can.
I am constantly listening, learning and evolving.
I especially love those who have triumphed over adversity, (which most have at some time).
I like to think I take something away with me from everyone I meet.
It may be words, a trait, a look.  Whatever it is there is always some kind of goodness to find and I try to see that.

Watch the below clip from Landline and you will see that Australian rural women are the strong, resilient type I look for and women that one day I will meet with face to face and be that sponge.

If you want role models and mentors, look here.

What a group of amazing birds.

And Pip Courtney, you are smashing.

Angry Anderson in Canowindra

Angry Anderson is coming to Canowindra to speak on Depression and Anxiety
Supported by Dr Tristram Duncan, Director of Orange Mental Health Rural Outreach Service
The Canowindra Depression and Anxiety Awareness Group invites you to attend an information night to raise community awareness of depression and anxiety and form a local support group for both people coping with these issues and their carers.
Where: Canowindra High School Hall
When: 6pm, Wednesday 30th October 2013
Who: Dr A S Kumar OAM, one of Canowindra’s local doctors and President of the Canowindra Lions Club will open the night.
Free Sausage Sizzle and Supper available on the night. 
Sponsors of the night include: 
The Canowindra Community Health Centre, Cabonne Community Transport & Belubulah Cottage B&B
Find us on Facebook - Canowindra Depression Anxiety Awareness Group

Monday, October 21, 2013

Get Ready Queensland

For those living in Queensland this a proactive way to get prepared for extreme weather events.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Calling on Australia’s Young Rural Innovators and Scientists

Innovative young Australians can now apply for grants of up to $22,000 across a range of categories in the agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food and natural resource management sectors.

Open to Australians aged 18 to 35 years, the Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry offer grants to assist in keeping Australia’s agricultural industries sustainable, competitive and innovative.

Applications for the 2014 Science and Innovation Awards close on Friday 8 November 2013.
For further information and application forms visit the Department of Agriculture website.

2014 Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation Rural Women’s Award

Do you want to develop your skills, make a difference and inspire others?

cute photo!

If you or someone you know are passionate about rural Australia and would benefit from a $10,000 bursary to help realise your vision, you should definitely consider applying for this 2014 RIRDC Rural Women's Award.

Enter the Award
Applications for the 2014 Award are open and close 31 October 2013. Rural women are encouraged to give it a go or nominate someone they think is up to a new and exciting challenge.
For an information package and a list of past winners and finalists who have kindly offered to mentor women applying for the Award, contact Allison Priest or Emma Regan on 02 6391 3620 or email:
Ideas on how to prepare your application are available on the RIRDC Rural Womens' Award page.

About the Award
The RIRDC Rural Women’s Award is Australia’s pre-eminent Award for rural women. The Award identifies and supports emerging leaders and change agents who have the capability and resources to drive innovation, productivity and sustainability within primary industries, and build economic and social development within rural communities.
The Award acknowledges that women offer a unique approach to leadership, which involves connecting and collaborating to effect change and influence, often without the need for position or authority. The Award also encourages primary industries and rural communities to embrace diversity in leadership to successfully navigate future challenges.
The Award supports women with demonstrated leadership capabilities, or leadership potential and community contribution, who have the desire and commitment to make a greater contribution to their industries and communities. It provides women with financial and professional support to implement their visions for primary industries and enhance their leadership capabilities.
Each State and Territory winner will receive a $10,000 financial bursary to implement their Award vision. Each State and Territory winner and runner-up will have the opportunity to participate in the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Company Directors Course and will be supported to develop an individual integrated leadership plan.
The Award is an amazing opportunity to further your leadership development, make a tangible difference and inspire others. The Award is a life changing experience that will link recipients with a positive and powerful alumni network of like-minded women across the country who are passionate about primary industries and rural Australia.

Who can enter?
The Award is open to all women involved in primary industries and natural resource management. No formal qualifications are required. Don’t be shy about entering yourself or nominating someone. It is a great learning and development opportunity, so why not give it a go?


What is the bursary?
The $10,000 bursary is the major prize for each State and Territory winner to provide the resources to develop your vision into a project or initiative that will benefit primary industries and rural Australia.
The Award is a leadership and capacity building initiative, with a bursary to support your professional development and contribution to primary industries.
The bursary can be used for:
·        formal training in leadership and business management;
·        overseas study tours;
·        establishing business plans or pilot programs;
·        developing educational or promotional campaigns;
·        networking at forums and conferences to grow your knowledge of industries and markets;
·        developing training programs;
·        testing information technology initiatives and publishing books.

The bursary cannot be used for buying capital equipment (without the explicit approval from RIRDC) or further education such as a Masters or Doctorate degree

How do I enter or nominate someone?
You need to complete the official entry form, addressing each of the selection criteria and include the name and details of two referees. Referees will only be contacted if your application makes it to the final round. Email, post or fax your entry to your State or Territory contact.
Download the Entry Form from the RIRDC Rural Women's Award page.
The application form for the RIRDC Rural Women’s Award is an interactive PDF - you can directly enter your details and answers into the application form.
It is recommended that you download and then immediately save the blank application form to your computer. That way you can make and save changes whenever you want.
If you are a NSW-ACT applicant please email your completed form or print and send your application to:

Allison Priest
NSW Department of Primary Industries
Locked Bag 21, Orange NSW 2800
Phone: 02 6391 3620  

2014 Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation Grant

Layne Beachley and her Aim for the Stars Foundation, is inviting all Australian females aged 12 – 26 years who need funding to achieve goals in their sporting, academic, community, business, environmental or cultural pursuits to complete their applications online.

Any hard-working female who is committed to pursuing her passion and needs financial support deserves a helping hand and should apply for an Aim for the Stars 2014 grant by 15th November 2013.

For more information, please contact the Aim for the Stars office: Phone: 0422600733 Email:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Timeless Lessons Everyone Learns Eventually

I love the gentleness of these timeless pieces of advice that we all learn during our journey, especially poignant on a Sunday.
Enjoy your day! 
Beauty comes from within. – You will never be beautiful like me.  You can only be beautiful like you.  One does not become beautiful by trying to be beautiful.  One becomes beautiful by finding beauty in what’s already within.

Pain has a purpose. – Pain doesn't just show up in your life for no reason.  It’s a sign that something in your life needs to change.  This change takes strength.  But remember, it’s not that those who are strong never get weak in the knees, or that they never gasp for a breath.  It’s that while their knees are shaking, they force themselves to breathe and to take another step. 

Ana Rosa

There are right people, and wrong people, for you. – There are fake people, and those who are true friends.  There are people who take the heart out of you, and those who put it back.  You have a choice of who to spend time with.  True friends have an honest heart, and will go out of their way to help you when you need it most.  Stick with the people who never let you down and keep their promises.  You can’t fake that.


What you focus on grows. – Do not let the negativity wear off on you.  Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.  Promote what you love instead of discrediting what you dislike.  When you choose to focus on the things you love, you end up finding more joy and more love in life.

What you don’t start today, won’t be finished by tomorrow. – There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them.  Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow

vintage french wooden caddy, grain sack beverage bag...

Sometimes taking your own advice is hard. – You know what to do, but you can’t seem to accept your own good judgement   You've said the same exact words to others, but listening to your own words is a struggle.  That’s why friends are priceless.  Because sometimes you just need to hear it from someone other than yourself.

You can’t live your life solely for other people. – When writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen.  You've got to do what’s right for you, even if the people you love disagree with your dreams.  Live your life so that when it’s time to ask where the time went, you can answer: “It went to joyful moments of self-discovery, to my search for passion, to doing work that felt like play, to standing up for what I believe in, and to exploring this beautiful world with an open heart.  My time went to living MY life!”

Naji Hojeily

Forgiveness is the first step to recovery. – Sometimes we don’t forgive people because they deserve it; we forgive them because they need it, because we need it, and because we cannot move forward without it.  So cry, forgive, learn, and move on.  Let your tears water the seeds of your future growth and happiness.

Your beliefs become your reality. – What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for.  You become what you believe.  Even though you cannot control everything that happens, you can control your attitude toward what happens.  And in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. 

Picking Daisies

Success is rarely easy, but always worth it. – Those who have achieved their dreams know that life is about willpower and persistence.  It’s about hanging on to hope when your heart has had enough, and giving even more when your mind and body want to give up.  Yes, each step may get harder, but the view from the top is priceless, and well worth enduring the journey to get there.

Could I have the belt buckle please?

Friday, October 11, 2013

mcCr Ultimate Christmas Shopping Event

The mcCr is delighted to present the Garden Party at Coolringdon Parklands Garden on Saturday 9 November from 11.30am - 3.30pm. This beautiful day will be the ultimate Christmas shopping event with a collection of boutique stalls from local businesses and a delicious champagne lunch. Gather your friends and book in for this very special event and support a great cause.

Numbers are limited so get in early. Tickets can be purchased at South East Printing - Cooma, Lou Lou's - Bombala and at Little Outlaws - Jindabyne or online at

Photo: The mcCr is delighted to present the Garden Party at Coolringdon Parklands Garden on Saturday 9 November from 11.30am - 3.30pm. This beautiful day will be the ultimate Christmas shopping event with a collection of boutique stalls from local businesses and a delicious champagne lunch. Gather your friends and book in for this very special event and support a great cause.
Numbers are limited so get in early. Tickets can be purchased at South East Printing - Cooma, Lou Lou's - Bombala and at Little Outlaws - Jindabyne or online at

Sounds delish

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What do Rural Women Want to Know About?

The National Rural Women’s Coalition is planning to run information sessions on topics of interest to rural, remote and regional women in 2014.  These FREE sessions would utilise group interactive webinar technology that uses an internet connection from a home office, offering a great opportunity for women to grow their knowledge without leaving home.  Sessions would be 1 – 2 hours in duration. 


The NRWC is keen to gain feedback on topics that would interest rural women.  You are invited to share your thoughts by participating in this survey.  Please click on the link and complete the short survey to assist the NRWC to identify topics of interest to women.

The National Rural Women’s Coalition would like to thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.  More information on the work of the NRWC can be found at

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Protect Your Facebook Privacy

As of yesterday, Facebook Graph Search has officially opened its big, omniscient arms to every last check-in, status update, note, and comment you've ever posted throughout your entire Facebook career. Which, yes, sounds pretty terrifying, but don't worry—you can cover your tracks.

You Will Soon Be Dead - Tim Minchin

Start your day thoughtfully and listen to Tim Minchin give his views on life.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kaddie's Stroke Foundation - Facebook Auction


Kaddie Alcock is an amazing young Bombala lady who is raising funds for the stroke foundation. Almost four years ago, at the age of 19, Kaddie's life changed forever. After suffering multiple strokes this courageous woman has fought back and created her own Facebook page to increase awareness, tell her story and help raise funds via the 'Every Day Hero' charity website.

Local Bombala business Lou Lou's is holding a MASSIVE ~ FACEBOOK AUCTION ~ and is asking local businesses and organisations to get on board and donate goods or services to the fundraiser.   They will promote your business and website in lead up to the auction and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Australian Stroke Foundation.

Auction will be held Sunday, October 27 2013

Please contact Penny on 0427587242 or via email or pop into Lou Lou's. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bonita Mabo Recognised in the Order of Australia

The Governor-General invests Bonita Mabo AO as an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia.

Read story here

(bragging because story was covered by my brother-in-law, who never brags, and has received an amazing response, as it should)