Monday, December 16, 2013

Green Pastures Movement


Green Pastures has been founded by a group of 5 Farming Families in South-West Victoria. These farmers have gone out on a very big limb to change the way they farm entirely to a green, sustainable farming methodology that reduces or in some cases replaces chemical fertilisers with a beautiful, organic, compost made on farms by recycling all the waste from the dairy. All this makes for some very lush Green Pastures and some pretty happy cows! These guys need your support - help them keep farming this way and help them stay on Coles shelves by seeing their new, beautiful, healthy Green Pastures milk fly off the shelves with your support!!!

Photo: Green Pastures is a NEW and innovative, environmentally responsible brand of fresh milk founded by five Australian dairy farmers, who shared a commitment to farming differently and producing a healthy product, that was a cut above the rest.Our green farming methods produce better, healthier soil. Better soil means we grow lush, nutrient rich grass. Better grass going in, means great, wholesome milk coming out!Simple.#backtograssroots


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