Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Can you Help?

Women Out West (WOW) is wanting to recognize a prominent woman at their Inaugural regional women’s Conference on 29th November 2014 in Dubbo...a woman  who has made an impact on the world stage but heralds from the Orana, Far West or Central West regions of NSW.

A short paragraph is needed on where they were from and what they are doing now...

Contact Jan Grady – President  on 02 6882 1425  or  jangrady@innovent.com.au  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Suicide Prevention Groups Forum - Narrandera

Saturday 1 November 2014
9.30 am to 4.00 pm
New Criterion Hotel, 100 East Street, Narrandera

Purpose of Forum
  • Engage members of other community groups
  • Increase knowledge of Communities Matter Toolkit
  • Share ideas
  • Form networks
  • Increase skills
Presentations from
  • Alan Woodward: Executive Director - Lifeline Research Foundation
  • Sue Murray: Chief Executive Officer - Suicide Prevention Australia
  • Troy Cassidy: Networks Manager - Wesley Lifeforce Networks
RSVP by Friday 21 October to Julie Creig on 0429 344 456 or greig.julie@gmail.com

Supported by Uniting Care NSW/ACT and Rural Adversity Mental Health Program

Monday, October 6, 2014

Can You Assist With Research into Farmer Suicide?

Incidence of suicide in Australian farmers is higher than the national average, and many factors contribute to this increased risk. The purpose of this study is to identify risk and protective factors linked to suicide in farming communities. The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP), Griffith University are looking for participants to take part in a phone interview, conducted by a clinical interviewer where you would talk about your close one.
You are welcome to participate if: you are aged 18 years or over; you are next-of-kin of either a farmer who died by suicide, a farmer who died by sudden death, or a living farmer; and you would be willing to give two hours of your time to talk to us. This information will assist us in understanding the issues specific to Australian farmers who died by suicide.
If you’d like to participate or would like more information about this study, please contact Lisa Kunde on 07 3735 1144 or l.kunde@griffith.edu.au. This research is part of a larger project, funded by the Australian Research Council, and is conducted by the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention in collaboration with the University of Newcastle and other partner organisations. We would like to assure you that your privacy will be protected at all times and any information provided will remain confidential. This study has been approved by the Griffith University Ethics Committee (Reference No CSR/08/13/HREC).

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thumbs Up @theland

Thumbs up to The Land Newspaper for their Glove Box Guide to Mental Health. As a family who have been hit full force by the stigma (ignorance) attached to mental illness (I will never forget the day farmers turned their heads the other way when I walked into Landmark) every little bit helps.

Comments such as "he can come back but in a reduced capacity", "would be better if he was injured in a workplace accident than have depression", "he is unemployable", should never have to be heard.

The upside - life is beautiful and everyone's life is important. 
Fight for it. 
The result can be amazing. 

And I will also forever remember the people who showed kindness & compassion, even if it was just a "how are you doing".

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Join the Love Campaign and Live Your Best Life

Activewear for Women - Female For Life

Female For Life is committed to helping women feel confident and motivated about keeping healthy and fit. Life can be stressful and most of us find ourselves time limited and at the same time overwhelmed with (mis)information about how to keep healthy.

So we have made it one step easier. For the next 6 months (October 2014 until March 2015) we are going to provide you with a motivation, exercise tip or nutritional advice every day to help you make the right decisions on your health journey.

Phase 1 will focus on motivation and building confidence, because without these 2, it's fairly impossible to reach any goal. The second phase will focus on nutrition and ensuring you are getting the right vitamins, nutrients and minerals into your diet. Phase 3 will build on these positive vibes and energy levels and give you some exercise tips you can practice anywhere.

So how do I join the Love campaign?

1) Like on Facebook www.facebook.com/femaleforlife OR
2) Follow on Instagram www.instagram.com/femaleforlife OR
3) Join the newsletter and get a summary of the tips for the week

and remember to share the love :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

"I Just Need Some Space" Meghan Trainor - Mom Parody

Housework this morning and this is so my house!
Doing my head in but after being sent this now feel better.
Thanks Louise

Women Out West Awards 2014

WOMEN OUT WEST AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDING WOMEN throughout the Central West, Orana and Far West Regions of NSW.

Your Nominee may be eligible to be entered in more than one of the 14 Women Out West Awards. Prior Finalists and Winners may be nominated.
These Awards foster recognition of women who live remarkable lives, inspiring others....and celebrates their achievements and contributions.
We strongly encourage Nominations of Women who often 'fly under the radar'....and are not usually recognised by other Award programs.
Without you nominating them, their stories will never be told!

Nomination forms may be downloaded from our website www.wownetwork.org.au or collected from The Wedding Shoppe & Event Hire - Dubbo in Talbragar Street or Salad Run Cafe in Macquarie Street Dubbo..... and call Jan on 
02 68821425 if you are having difficulty in identifying which Award/s to enter your Nominee.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Grazi(her) is a new bi-monthly magazine bringing you stories from near and far of women and men working, living and inspiring in regional, rural and remote Australia.

Easy living

Do you live in a rural, regional or remote community?
Do you know someone with an interesting tale?
Message Grazi(her)

Sounds like a great venture

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7 Things Mindful People Do Differently and How To Get Started

Do you practise mindfulness?
The benefits are huge especially when times are tough.
Its also just helps you be and quietens the ego.

Read full article here

Rural Women Self Acceptance Seminar

Do you really accept who you are? Would you like to? 

You are doing all the ‘right’ things. 

You work hard, you prioritise the family, you do your job or you keep your business or partnership running. You pay the mortgage and you try to eat right and exercise. 

But does it get you what you want? 

Does it ever seem enough? 

Maybe you have a nagging feeling and a nagging voice that doesn’t stop. 

And a missing link you can’t quite seem to define and a desire for more that you can’t quite put your finger on. 

And you’re keen to figure it out…you just don’t know how – or where or when! 

Well now you can with a FREE 1 hour webinar focusing on exactly these challenges; it’s called – The Rural Women’s Guide to Self-Acceptance – finding and embracing your YOUness! 

With Phoebe Maroulis and Rebel Black

Click the link below to find out more and to register your details and secure your seat (only 100 available)! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Help Change Minds About Mental Health

IN the lead-up to Mental Health Month, The Land wants your help to change the way we think and talk about mental health in rural Australia.

The Change Your Mind campaign wants to tackle misconceptions about mental health.

How you can help

Take a photo of yourself with a message of encouragement/support or guidance with the hashtag #changeyourmind.
Post it on Twitter (@thelandnews), on The Land’s Facebook page, email jenna.cairney@fairfaxmedia.com.au or SMS to 0477 726 849.
We'd like to invite those who deliver the most powerful messages to appear in The Land's Glove Box Guide to Mental Health as mental health ambassadors.

E-Leaders Social Media Program

A terrific nine week program focussing on social media training, free, using collaborative webinar technology. 
More details including full program information available online. 

What is an E-Leaders Program?
Over the past four years the National Rural Women's Coalition has delivered a range of online learning and leadership programs to women living in rural, remote and regional Australia. The recently launched program has a social media focus.  Women from all over Australia will be given the opportunity to learn from a social media expert via a series of live webinars over the nine (9) week program.  The software also allows for open collaboration and has proven to be effective for networking across great distances.Rural, remote and regional women with disabilities or from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 
Program Details
To find out more, including information on the topics and presenters of our 2014 Social Media E-Leaders program, please download the program flyer.
Detailed information about the Social Media E-Leaders can be found here.
APPLY HERE..................as at Monday 15th September.
For further information,  please contact the e-leaders Project Coordinator.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Rollicking Ram Sounds Rollicking Right!

The Rollicking Ram Co-Op

The Rollicking Ram Co-Op was created by like-minded chefs and artists to experience country produce and art in local communities. They combine artworks installed in or around local landmarks with bespoke produce and unique food experiences.
Their food philosophy is based on using food foraged from local areas, farmed by passionate farmers and small family run suppliers.
The Rollicking Ram Co-Op are looking for enthusiastic regional artists, farmers, food suppliers and communities who want to promote a wholistic food and art culture in their local community.
Head on over to their website and read the story about how the Rollicking Ram concept was created and upcoming events. 
Follow their facebook page here
Follow on instagram here
Sounds like my kind of wonderful.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Zip It

ZIP IT – Donate your voice on World Mental Health Day Thursday October 10

ZIP IT is a challenge where participants pledge their voice and stay silent for up to 24 hours to support those living with mental illness while raising funds for mental health charities on World Mental Health Day October 10.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bale Out Ball

Great initiative
Love this vision

Bale Out Ball

Bale Out Ball is focused on supporting Australian agriculture and revitalising rural communities. The aim of the initiative is to bring rural families and communities together and provide a social outlet for Australian farmers, while supporting agricultural regions and raising money to assist with drought relief. This will be done through events organised for the community, by the community. Any money raised will go to Buy a Bale, Aussie Helpers and back into the host community. 

Bale Out Ball Inc will host local events but, more importantly, provide an events pack to assist other communities in hosting their own events.
Bale Out Ball is a relatively new initiative started by local Coolamon woman, Sarah McCaig. In the brief period of time Bale Out Ball has been running it has become somewhat of a Facebook sensation receiving in excess of 7,000 ‘likes’. The initiative has generated national interest, with people ready to host events all over Australia. This goes to show the support behind not only Bale Out Ball, but rural Australia, and the willingness of people to become involved.
Bale Out Ball is focused on supporting Australian agriculture and revitalising rural communities. The aim of the initiative is to bring rural families and communities together and provide a social outlet for Australian farmers, while supporting agricultural regions and raising money to assist with drought relief. This will be done through events organised for the community, by the community. Any money raised will go to Buy a Bale, Aussie Helpers and back into the host community

In the words of Sarah, “Help support drought affected farmers and rural communities and have a great night out at the same time!”

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Complimentary Registrations to Attend the Coolamon Rural Women's Gathering

Have you always wanted to go to a NSW Rural Women's Gathering but was just not able to find the extra dollars to cover the registration fee? 

The Rural Women's Network has TWO complimentary registrations to give away this year. 

The weekend event will be held on 12-13-14 September at Coolamon. 

If you would like to be considered for one of the 'FREEBIES' all you have to do is send an email to emma.regan@dpi.nsw.gov.au saying why you would like to attend by 3.00pm Friday 29 August. 

Preference will be given to those who have never been a gathering or have not been to one in the last 3 years. You will need to find your own transport and accommodation but the FULL weekend registration fee (worth $200) will be covered. 

Good luck sounds like a great weekend!

Got a Dream....

Lacking inspiration
Got a dream
This video will give you a boost for today
For me right now its living every day as kindly, lovingly, compassionately and honestly as I can
I don't always succeed but I'm trying

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Australian Running Calendar

Australian Running Calendar

The Australian Running Calendar lists running events throughout Australia including 5km, 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon events.
Events are added and updated frequently so be sure to check the homepage regularly and to join their weekly email newsletter or follow on Twitter or Facebook to be notified of updates.

A great resource to show you all the running or walking events across the country.

Partners in Depression


Partners in Depression is an education and support group program for people who love, live with or care for someone experiencing depression. 

It provides people with the information and tools to better support the person in their life with depression, and themselves.

Find out more about the Partners in Depression, program, including the structure and history of the program click here

To find out more about a facilitator in Australia click here

R.M. Williams Longreach Muster 13-14 Sept

Mood Mechanic Course

... The Mood Mechanic Course is designed to aims to teach practical skills for managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry, low mood and depression.

The Mood Mechanic Course is a free online and internet-delivered treatment program designed for young Australian adults aged 18 to 24. It aims to teach practical skills for managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry, low mood and depression. The Mood Mechanic Course was developed because many young adults have difficulties with stress, anxiety, worry, low mood and depression. But, many people never access or seek treatment.
The Mood Mechanic Course is being provided as a part of a large beyondblue funded project. You can read more about this project HERE.
To learn more about symptoms of low mood, please click HERE. To learn more about symptoms of stress and anxiety, please click HERE.
PLEASE NOTE: You can scroll right to the bottom of this page to make an application or register your interest in the Mood Mechanic Course.

What does the Course involve?

  • 4 online lessons that provide information and teach practical skills for managing symptoms.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Guides to help you practice those skills.
  • Lots of Additional Resources and Case Stories from others.
  • Brief weekly contact with a clinician via email and telephone (depending on the trial).
The Mood Mechanic Course is provided over 5 weeks and is designed to provide you with practical information and practical, proven, skills for managing symptoms of different types of anxiety, worry, low mood and depression. The Course aims to provide the information and skills that you would normally receive from a Clinical Psychologist. It is hoped it will help people to gain better control over their symptoms, improve their confidence and get back to living a full and satisfying life.

Who is the Course Suitable For?

  • Adults aged 18 to 24.
  • With symptoms of stress, anxiety, low mood and depression.
  • With depression, social anxiety, panic attacks and generalised worry.
  • Who want to learn information and skills to improve the quality of their lives and emotional wellbeing.
  • Who have at least 4 hours per week to spend working on the Course and practicing the skills taught during the Course.
Unfortunately, they cannot include people who are currently suicidal, do not have access to the internet or who are not Australian residents.  They also cannot accept applications from anyone who will be accessing regular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment for anxiety or depression at the same time as doing the Mood Mechanic Course.
Not sure if this course is right for you? Please contact them, click HERE.

When is the Next Course Being Offered?

The next Mood Mechanic Course will begin on Monday 8th of September and application are now open. If you are interested in participating in the next Mood Mechanic Course just click on the Apply Now! button below and follow the prompts.
Of course, if you have any questions about the Course please feel free to contact them by clicking HERE.

The Feet Selfie

Head over to The Rural Wife facebook page and contribute your best 'Feet Selfie'

Get sharing your best feet selfies and re-start a new social media craze!
Share on FB, Twitter or Instagram with the hash-tags #feetselfie #theruralwife
Prizes for the most creative and interesting entries!
Get sharing!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What a Pretty Day

What's happening today?

Inspiration: Be your own hero

DIY project!!



Feather clutch #Wedding

Champagne bar... for brides and bridesmaids the morning of the wedding.

Loving the climbing roses

Ana Rosa

My daffodils are out.
I am going to enjoy the day.
Thanks for visiting.

The Rural Women's Guide to Starting Something Big

You have a head and heart full of AMAZING ideas – you can see exciting opportunities for new solutions, community support structures and businesses and products and services ALL around you in your rural community and you are just desperate to enact CHANGE…

So what holds you back?
What keeps you from taking action?
Is it that you just don’t know where to start?

Are you overwhelmed with how big the problem is and how small you are?
Are you wondering…will it work in my town?
Do you doubt yourself?

Free online training with Rebel Black and Phoebe Maroulis

Because they have been there too – and they know HOW to get you from where you are NOW…which is NOT doing what you really want to be doing – to the dizzying heights of turning your BIG Idea into a BIG REALITY!

BUT- they aren’t offering an easy way – they aren’t even going to tell you that if you just do XYZ ta-da, your big idea will magically appear as a reality.


So if you want fairy dust and pixies, please go somewhere else!
If you are serious about taking action and you just want a framework, some inspiration and the steps to get there…

If you want to hear from people who have ACTUALLY done something big – then..

If you want to get a 3 step process that will help you GET STARTED and take action on your something BIG

Thurs, August 28th

Rebel Black
The Hungry Spirit
Empowering Entrepreneurial Rural Women
041 963 9380

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

60th Issue of The Country Web now available

The 60th issue of The Country Web showcases young women of influence who are actively involved in their industry and community and are working towards creating vibrant and sustainable primary industries and rural communities.  Enjoy this issue and be inspired by these amazing rural women who are making a real difference.

Visit the RWN website to download this latest issue.

Country Arts Support Program applications for 2015 now open

The Country Arts Support Program (CASP) is small grants for small locally initiated arts projects. Apply for up to $3000 for a project in your community. 

Projects funded in the past have included (but are not limited to) workshops, performances, art making events, artist-in-residence programs, exhibitions, community seminars, public art and arts-based additions to festivals. 

Who can apply: incorporated organisations, local government entities, groups/ ensembles auspiced by an incorporated association, school P&Cs. You don't have to be an arts-based organisation to apply.
When is the funding for: projects happening January-December 2015.
What can the funding be spent on: the main focus of CASP is for artists fees and expenses.

Applications close October 1, 2014

Here for more

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Domestic Violence information and resources

 RWN logo: Connecting regional and remote NSW

Rural Women's Network produced this special 8-page booklet - Domestic violence: it can happen to anyone - to raise awareness of domestic violence and provide information on the services and resources currently available in this area. There is some great information for anyone impacted by domestic violence such as what to do if you're a victim or how to help a friend. The idea to produce this resource came from the women involved in RWN’s Rural Women Connect initiative (more details below).
Domestic violence takes many forms and can involve violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour carried out by a partner, carer or family member to control, dominate or instil fear. It doesn't have to be physical abuse. It can be emotional, psychological, financial, sexual or other types of abuse. It can affect anyone in the community, regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status or location. 

It is never too late to seek help. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence you can call the National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling line on 1800 737 732 or 1800respect.org.au


Rural Women Connect (RWConnect) provides a platform for women across our regions to share ideas, have a voice, and to provide feedback to improve the government's understanding of rural women's needs and how best to work together to address these. The initiative was developed to facilitate communications, needs identification, ideas generation and to help create new linkages to stakeholders and rural women across NSW rural, regional and remote communities.

Using the latest technology members of RWConnect link together via webinars to engage with other rural women, monitor and evaluate activities and keep informed of needs and ways to address these in innovative, effective and efficient ways.

RWConnect facilitates discussion and collect views, information and data on issues that affect the viability of rural and regional communities and farming enterprises. The information collected will be synthesised and shared with key stakeholder groups with the hope that it will enrich government policy making for rural, regional and remote NSW.

The first issue RWConnect focussed on was violence against women. They used a variety of mediums to gather feedback from women living in rural and remote communities in NSW to help us better understand current needs and suitability of services and support currently available. A feedback questionnaire was available online and at the 2013 NSW Rural Women's Gathering for women to provide their feedback.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

O'Captain my Captain

Who Did Not Love Dead Poets Society?

I was at boarding school in Sydney when Dead Poets Society was released.  I remember seeing it with my friends and it meaning so much to us because we were living a life like the boys in the film.  The fun, the comradery , the homesickness, the trouble we used to get into....  Its a life like no other and I am so grateful for the experience.

A favourite movie no doubt.

When depression can knock out one of the funniest men alive you realise how powerful its grip and how devastating it is.

I never want to hear the words again "Just go away and get fixed".  Those words have been told to a loved one recently suffering severe depression.

Ignorance of the illness causes even more damage.

The people that refuse to confront the illness are usually those that will be eventually hit in the face with it.

Depression is a fact of life.
We all need to be educated and able to help when and where we can.

One thing I know is my children will grow up knowing what it is and how to help deal with it.

In fact if my children see anyone upset or angry now they ask if that person has a mental illness.
So often they have been right.

Carpe Deim

Monday, August 11, 2014

Coolamon Rural Women’s Gathering

Coolamon Rural Women’s Gathering is Fantastic education and networking opportunity for local women

The 2014 NSW Rural Women’s Gathering is being held on 12th-14th September in Coolamon, offering local Riverina women a unique opportunity to learn, network and be inspired right on their doorstep.

The Rural Women’s Gathering is a well established statewide community event which will bring together close to 400 rural women for an annual weekend of education, skills training, information sharing and fun.

With its theme ‘Heritage with Heart’, the 2014 Gathering promises to be a great one and will focus on issues that are important to the Riverina region such as strengthening community voice, rural health care and drought support.

One keynote speaker for this year’s Gathering is Charles Sturt University Senior Lecturer, Dr Maree Bernoth PhD Med, BH Hh ScRN, whose passion is rural healthcare and ageing. Maree began nursing in 1971 and has enjoyed an extremely diverse career working across regional towns in NSW. 

Another keynote presentation will be delivered by local Coolamon woman Robyn Speerin RN NP MN MN (Hons). Robyn commenced her nursing career in 1969 at Coolamon Hospital and went on to study cardiac nursing at a Masters level, becoming one of the first cardiac rehabilitation nurse practitioners in Australia. She has written NSW Department of Heath policy and guidelines on rehabilitation from chronic disease and is going to speak at the Coolamon Gathering about her life experiences and a new program of healthcare for people with hip and knee arthritis and back pain.

Additional keynote speakers include specialist neonatologist Dr Kathryn Browning Carmo; current President of the Kosciuszko Huts Association and sister of the Coolamon Shire Mayor Barbara Seymour; Coral Druce from the Junee Liquorice Factory; and author, researcher and sex therapist Bettina Arndt. 

As well as hearing from the high profile keynote speakers, local women are invited to participate in a selection the workshops on offer including biodynamic farming, wild and wacky women, painting, local garden viewing, gingerbread house making and a guide to common medications.

The 2014 Gathering in Coolamon is being held from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th September 2014 and registration is now possible by contacting the Coolamon Rural Women’s Gathering Committee by email:info@nswruralwomensgathering.org or by telephone: 0488 376 514.

For more information about the Gathering please seehttp://nswruralwomensgathering.org

Follow their facebook page here 

To register please email 
info@nswruralwomensgathering.org or telephone 0488 376 514 to be sent a registration form.

Photo: NEWS FLASH!!!!  Registration forms will be available next week!!

We are just waiting on the final draft to be completed by the staff at the NSW Rural Women's Network/DPI.

Watch this space for the link to download your copy!