Saturday, March 1, 2014

International Women’s Day – Celebrate it with Art in Gunnedah

On Sunday 9 March, women across the world will celebrate what it means to be a woman. The women of Gunnedah are invited to celebrate this special day by attending one or two or even three workshops offered at the Smithurst.  The artworks produced will be shared with the community in an exhibition at the Creative Arts Centre during March following the workshops. 

A painting workshop will answer the question “what does it mean to be a woman?” using colour and paint and facilitated by GSC Cultural Development Coordinator Andrea Bruno. 

An assemblage workshop will answer the question “what can women change in the world?” with found objects, facilitated by artist Sally Hill. 

An improvisation workshop facilitated by Drama Teacher Margie Denman will answer the question “What brings chaos to your life and how do you handle it?” A video recording (with permission) of the day’s proceedings will be edited immediately following the performance for inclusion in the exhibition. 

The day will begin at 10.00 am with coffee and introductions and conclude by 4:30 pm. You will also enjoy a lunch with the other participants. 

A small fee of $15 per person or groups of three or more women at $10 each will be charged for the workshops. 

At the end of the day, the film “Sylvia” about Sylvia Ashton-Warner, a teacher to Maori children with a unique ‘organic education’ approach will be screened and your ticket price will include a glass of champagne. 

Bookings essential please phone 02 6740 2272. 

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