Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eat Cake and Have it Too: An Inspirational Workshop for Women

Eat Cake: An Inspiring Workshop for Women is coming to Wagga Wagga on Saturday 21st June 2014. 

Okay job, nice life but feeling stuck and dissatisfied?  At a cross roads in your life - seeking a career or life transition? Tired of always waiting for 'some day' to begin living your life to the full? Are you ready for something more? 

Go on, you are a busy woman and you deserve some time out to explore what you are truly capable of. You will love the venue for this workshop. Relax in the beautiful countryside at Cottontail Winery surrounded by picturesque vineyards and olive groves. Of course there will be time to share amazing food and a special private wine tasting to finish the day as we watch the sun set over the horizon. 

Would you like to create balance and flow in all areas of your life -work, career, relationships, health, home and finances? 

Imagine spending an entire day reconnecting with yourself. Explore what you really want and discover what will make your life full, fun and fulfilling. Then learn skills and strategies to take action to achieving your true potential and really live life on your terms. 

Check out to register. You can also join on facebook at 

Seats are limited so book now to avoid disappointment. 

Why not share this with a friend. Wagga Wagga is a lovely spot for a girls weekend.  

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