Sunday, June 15, 2014

NSW Carers Awards

More than one in 10 people in NSW are carers.
Carers can be anyone including parents, partners, brothers, sisters, friends, sons or daughters. They provide unpaid support to those who need it because of a disability, mental illness, chronic health condition, dementia or ageing. 

The NSW Carers Awards acknowledge and celebrate the significant unpaid contribution carers make to the person (or people) they care for and to the community. 
A carer is not paid a wage or salary, although they may receive a pension or allowance for their caring role. Carers can be employed, at school and/or have a range of other commitments at the time they take on the role of caring. 

To complete the nomination process, please ensure you have the following: 
· Approval from your nominee to submit this nomination. The NSW Department of Family and Community Services takes privacy seriously. It is important that your nominee knows that their circumstances will be discussed, the referees will be contacted and contact details may be shared with NSW electorate offices, local councils and Carers NSW. 
· The correct contact details for your nominee. Nominees will be contacted prior to Carers Award selection panel meetings to confirm that the details of the nomination are correct. A current postal address and phone number are required. 
·  The name and contact details of at least one referee who has agreed to support your nomination. Referees need to have a clear understanding of the nominees caring role and cannot be related to the nominee. Suggestions for referees include representatives from carer support groups or local councils, employers, case-workers or other service providers who know the carer well. 

Nominations for the 2014 awards open on Monday 19 May and close on Monday 30 June. 
Office for Carers 

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