Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Speak Your Mind

Not normal is the new normal. Issues around mental health affect us all. Write a story about your own experience or someone you care about.

With one in five Australians experiencing mental health issues each year, it's vital that personal stories of survival and resilience are told.  ABC Open want to share these stories, get talking and show that we’re all in this together.
Tell what it was like when you were in the middle of a mental health challenge. How did you cope? Who and what helped you through? Was help easy or hard to get? How do you deal with the stigma? How are you now? And how do you maintain a mentally healthy life?

ABC Open also want to hear from the families, carers and loved ones of those affected. How did you get through? Who did you talk to?

We all have a story.  I know because my family has just been through this.  
I know every person has a story because I am stopped on the street every day and told about someone else's experience.
I am also ignored by many who find it too hard to cope with and don't know what to say.
We have been overwhelmed with kindness by a few and forgotten by those who still believe one should just "get on with it" and find it all to shameful.
Thank god for the ones around us who "get it"... 
and we are still here through all the trauma and heartbreak.... 
still here...
 so that makes us magnificent.
As we tell our children "We are titanium"and that's our song.

What's yours?

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