Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Rural Women's Guide to Starting Something Big

You have a head and heart full of AMAZING ideas – you can see exciting opportunities for new solutions, community support structures and businesses and products and services ALL around you in your rural community and you are just desperate to enact CHANGE…

So what holds you back?
What keeps you from taking action?
Is it that you just don’t know where to start?

Are you overwhelmed with how big the problem is and how small you are?
Are you wondering…will it work in my town?
Do you doubt yourself?

Free online training with Rebel Black and Phoebe Maroulis

Because they have been there too – and they know HOW to get you from where you are NOW…which is NOT doing what you really want to be doing – to the dizzying heights of turning your BIG Idea into a BIG REALITY!

BUT- they aren’t offering an easy way – they aren’t even going to tell you that if you just do XYZ ta-da, your big idea will magically appear as a reality.


So if you want fairy dust and pixies, please go somewhere else!
If you are serious about taking action and you just want a framework, some inspiration and the steps to get there…

If you want to hear from people who have ACTUALLY done something big – then..

If you want to get a 3 step process that will help you GET STARTED and take action on your something BIG

Thurs, August 28th

Rebel Black
The Hungry Spirit
Empowering Entrepreneurial Rural Women
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