Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who Did Not Love Dead Poets Society?

I was at boarding school in Sydney when Dead Poets Society was released.  I remember seeing it with my friends and it meaning so much to us because we were living a life like the boys in the film.  The fun, the comradery , the homesickness, the trouble we used to get into....  Its a life like no other and I am so grateful for the experience.

A favourite movie no doubt.

When depression can knock out one of the funniest men alive you realise how powerful its grip and how devastating it is.

I never want to hear the words again "Just go away and get fixed".  Those words have been told to a loved one recently suffering severe depression.

Ignorance of the illness causes even more damage.

The people that refuse to confront the illness are usually those that will be eventually hit in the face with it.

Depression is a fact of life.
We all need to be educated and able to help when and where we can.

One thing I know is my children will grow up knowing what it is and how to help deal with it.

In fact if my children see anyone upset or angry now they ask if that person has a mental illness.
So often they have been right.

Carpe Deim

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