Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Rural Woman

THE Rural Woman

Do you look at those city or big town networking events and just wish you could make it because you just love the inspiring, uplifting and juicy conversations and connections you make at those?

Each month make a connection with an incredible rural woman or a woman helping rural women and listen to a conversation with her about a specific virtue close to her heart.   It is delivered FREE to you through their Podcast.

One month they could be talking about forgiveness - the next it could be passion and zeal. You just never know what insight you will learn - what inspiration you will be hit with or what new concept you will explore!

You can download it and listen anytime, anywhere on your mobile device or sit and listen to it at your computer. It's connecting and networking in your own time!
No more wishing or missing out!

Register by clicking HERE to subscribe to receive immediate notification when the next podcast goes live!

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