Thursday, August 27, 2015

We Need Your Help to Bring Small Steps to Rural and Remote Communities


Small Steps to Rural and Remote Communities is a free educational program that we present in primary schools for teachers and parents, through the Mental Health Association of NSW.
The program is to raise awareness of anxiety disorders in children and to better educate and inform parents and teachers of early signs in children, where to get help, and how to manage
anxiety disorders.

We want all children to be able to finish school and not be held back by an anxiety disorder which can be easily treated and maintained by early intervention and we need your help to bring 
Small Steps to Rural and Remote Communities.

Our Seminars are FREE to Primary Schools within NSW but we would like funding to expand the program throughout NSW, particularly rural and remote areas.

In Australia at present 10% of children have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. We believe that early intervention is the key to the treatment  and management of any mental health issues and by 
delivering this educational seminar in primary schools we help parents and teachers understand what anxiety disorders are, what may trigger them, how to recognise early signs in children, 
and where to go for help.

With extra funding we would be able to go into Rural and Remote areas for a week at a time and present to schools in the area.   We could train volunteers to become Community Presenters 
in these Rural and Remote areas.  In order to do this we would need to pay for them to come to Sydney for training and ongoing support.  Funding would also help with providing schools with
literature for each Parent and Teacher.  We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the use of paper and providing this information on a USB which is now an added expense.  

Money provided could also enable us to donate a set a anxiety books for each school’s library at a cost $120.00 per pack.

Presently we have schools booked in Albury, Macksville, Coffs Harbour and Bathurst during October and November. We have presented at schools in Gilgandra, Wellington, Dubbo, 
Wagga Wagga, Bathurst and Newcastle.  We have also added another presenter specially trained to do the Small Steps Seminars.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you would help us to bring Small Steps to all schools in NSW :

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