Saturday, September 5, 2015

Join the next online forum on suicide and mental health! Friday 11 September 12 noon

(or don't because lets face it if you or a loved one haven't been through it you are not really interested are you?? 
 Won't happen to us we are fine and we just ignore our issues anyway as we aren't that bad but that person they have huge issues)
You are invited to take part in this month's online Friday Forum!

The Land and RAMHP have partnered to get more people talking about mental health. Join us on the 11th September to talk about important mental health issues.

When: Friday 11th September at 12 noon

Where: Go to The Land website on the day and follow the links on

 the homepage

There is ongoing concern about mental health and suicide in rural and remote NSW.
Life can be tough and problems can seem overwhelming at times. It can be

 very difficult to know what to do and how to cope but there is help available.

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day and  R U OK? Day on the 10th of September,

 this month's online forum will focus on mental health and suicide.

Our expert panel are ready to answer your questions about a number of important

 issues, including:
  • preventing suicide and providing support in tough times
  • how to tell if someone is thinking about suicide and what to do about it
  • how to have a difficult conversation
  • how to reduce stigma associated with mental illness, and
  • understanding what it is like to be bereaved by suicide.


Fiona Livingstone
Fiona is a Senior Project Officer with Farm-Link and has worked on the project since

 early 2013. Having spent 10 years on a farm and married to a farmer, Fiona
 understands the unique pressures that are faced by the farming community. Having
 lived and worked in rural communities her entire life, Fiona is passionate about the
 mental well-being of people in rural and remote communities.

Justin Geange
Justin is part of the Suicide Prevention Australia Lived Experience Speakers Bureau. 

 Having his own battles with bipolar and depression, Justin is passionate about starting 
conversations with men in regards to mental health and suicide prevention. He is now
 working as a Community Rehabilitation Support Worker (CRSW) with the company
 Neami National.

Alice Munro
Alice is a rural social worker with 7 years of experience in mental health and drug and

 alcohol across Western NSW. Alice works at Psychological Solutions in Orange and
 sees clients from across the lifespan with a range of issues including grief and loss
 depression, anxiety, relationship issues, substance abuse, addiction and chronic
 stress. Thoughts of suicide and self-harm is therefore a common symptom that Alice's
 client's seek help for and something Alice is committed to working through with them
, having had both personal and professional experiences of how suicide can affect a
 family and a rural community.

Niall Mulligan 
Niall is manager of Lifeline Northern Rivers’ suicide prevention and crisis support

 services. Working towards Lifeline’s vision of an Australia that is free of suicide,
 Lifeline Northern Rivers’ seventy five Lismore based volunteers have answered almost
 16000 crisis calls to Lifeline Australia’s 13 11 14 crisis support line during the past 12
 months. Lifeline Northern Rivers also offers community training in suicide intervention
 and prevention.

Do you have a question for our panel? You can ask on the day or submit your questions

 ahead of time. We'd also appreciate feedback about your forum experience, which you can leave anonymously here.

Don' forget to join us on the first Friday of every month. Find out about upcoming forums
 and read previous forums here.

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