Wednesday, October 19, 2016

World Photo Contest 2016 - Through the Lens of Rural Women

World Farming Organisation (WFO) Women's Committee Photo Contest 2016 - Through the Lens of Rural Women.

The competition is being delivered to raise awareness on the critical role of rural women in achieving a sustainable agricultural sector. WFO aims to promote the  formation and strengthening of women producer organizations and ensure that women have a voice within mixed organizations. Take a photo of a rural woman while she is performing different daily activities in her multi-functional role in the agricultural farming system.

The contest is open to everyone and closes on 26th October at 8.00 hours (Central European Time - CET).   Max Five submissions are allowed per participant. Subsequent emails, incomplete applications and late submissions will not be considered.  Applications must be submitted via email to the following email addresses:; 

Applications must include:

(1) The online link to max five original photo taken by yourself, on which you own all rights.
  • Images can be created with any device, including smartphones.
  • Format should be TIFF, JPG or PNG with a minimum accepted dimension of 2 Megapixels (preferably 300 dpi, min. resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels).
  • Both color and monochrome images are eligible.
  • Minor retouching of images through photo editing software is accepted as long as you do not alter the contents of the photo in any way.
  • Your image should not promote or include the logo of a specific brand, nor contain offensive or pornographic content.
(2) A short caption describing the story behind the photo (in English, max. 500 characters, including spaces).
 How did you come across this scene? Who is this woman? What does she do? What is her link with that particular environment or food? This space may also be used to provide a traditional recipe related to the picture.

(3) Completed application must include your personal data, authorization for data processing and acceptance of the contest’s overall terms and conditions. Entries from photographers under 18 years of age will need permission from their parent or guardian.

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